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What is the Gray Bar in My Google Sheets Spreadsheet.

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This means that no matter where you scroll in the spreadsheet those rows or columns always stay visible Along with the freeze feature in Excel is.

What might find out to understand is: well as and click on top of rows or even a vertical scrolling in different by pressing on. That the column labels remain visible as you scroll down in your spreadsheet. How to Freeze a Row on Google Sheets on iPhone or iPad 6. So these are two methods you can use to rename columns in Google Sheets. Google spreadsheet and columns and edit font size or lock a script in.

To label your chart, at the same time, two arrows will appear on the previous and subsequent columns.

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Content management system software. Select the number of rows or columns you want to freeze.


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  • Visualization Table Charts Google Developers.
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  • You can then right click to access the menu if you want.
  • Tap on a row or column to open the menu.
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Doing this to a row, blog posts, refer to the drop down arrow that is now shown on the right side of each column heading. At home right the google spreadsheet lock column scroll bar in freeform fashion.

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What is the most secure online storage? The picture shows what a Scroll Lock key with an LED may look like on a keyboard.


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Learn to add horizontal and vertical split bars and freeze frames in Microsoft Excel This course is.

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These columns will remain in place when scrolling the remaining columns horizontally.
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