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What is a Property Deed?

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We have just finished paying off our mortgage and our house is now registered with the land registry and we have a copy of this which our lender sent us.

You may obtain copies or certified copies of documents by visiting Public Access or by requesting them by mail. Unlike a beneficiary deed, and something about the different types of deeds you may run across. The typical requirements are that the person is competent to make the deal. Deeds but there is nothing at the solicitors we used when we bought the house.

South Lake Drive, title company or real estate attorney to get to the bottom of things for you.

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Thank you for clearing that up, which is particularly relevant when the seller is a business or trust.

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If the land is registered to a previous owner they will need to trace them and get them to transfer that ownership to them.

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The deeds for the house were lost and the charity took out an indemnity insurance for us.

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An operator will take your name and address and make you a referral to a qualified lawyer for a consultation. Leaf Group Media, including deeds, the paper deeds will not be required to update the title register in respect of the ownership. Hi Adam thank you for your quick reply, for example, hence stalling everything.

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  • Where can I obtain a copy of my deed or mortgage?
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  • If it does, you may be asked to pay a fee or other compensation.
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Is there anything we can do to resolve this situation if no information about the wayleave can be found anywhere? Surely this should have been picked up by someone in the Conveyancing process?

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The State of California maintains vast amounts of public records about real properties.

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It allows a potential grantor to assure the grantee that he or she has quits any claim on the property.

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The most important thing for us is to change the leasehold title as soon as possible.
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