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What can you do if you are asked an illegal question?

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If you currently have a job, do NOT take this call in your workplace! Review what the job entails and record what the next step will be. This practice gives the employee a clear choice, while protecting the reference providers and allowing them to provide appropriate These protections do not, however, give former employers free rein to talk about former employees in any way they please. Generally, a candidate should be paid at least minimum wage for a working interview.

If the reference is false, the company can be sued for defamation. Relationship between reference illegal question asked people who ask. The crime would have to influence their ability to be a good tenant, such as an illegal drug conviction or a history of violent offenses that could put other tenants at risk. There are now technology solutions for online reference checks that automate the process from submitting the referee contact details to collecting the references.

This website uses cookies to give you a better online experience. Some questions asked how reference checker should ask a question? You might be able to get legal aid if you have evidence that you or your children have been victims of domestic abuse or violence and you cannot afford to pay legal costs. Who would want to spend any more precious time.

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If age is a legal requirement of the job, you may ask if the applicant will be able to furnish proof of age upon hiring.

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You want to find references who are able and willing to tell employers the best about you.

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The next section shows specific questions not to ask in an interview. Make sure the properties contain information that is safe for others to read. Term Benefits Avoid Costs of a Bad Hire.

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It is appropriate to ask applicants if they have some proficiency in the languages that are specifically required for the job.


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As the hiring supervisor, you should consider the level of exposure to clients and the general public.

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They also have to provide candidates with information on how they plan to use the data.

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