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Police Driver Training Manual

Revised Pennsylvania School Bus Driver Training Manual.

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Hate Crime The student will explain the difference between a Hate Crime and other criminal activity. ALWAYS RELEASE THE PARKING BRAKE BEFORE STARTING OUT. Your bus has been in an accident with another car. AN EVALUATION OF A POLICE RUN DRIVING.

There is a large range of external stakeholders that have a role to play in fostering integrity. In addition, you should share your wish to be a donor with your physician, faith leader, and attorney. Violation of this requirement is a misdemeanor. Advisory of unexpected roadway conditions. The more room the truck needs to maneuver.

OUTLINE OF THE TRAINING PROGRAM The program will begin with a classroom session, the objectives of which are to explain the purpose of the training effort, its scope, and to define the principles of vehicle control.

They areused to monitor traffic, check clearances and students on the sidesand to the rear of the bus. Walkins will be tested if and when time permits. Follow the procedures described later in this section. Continue checking mirrors and traffic. How do you test hydraulic brakes for leaks?

When parked on the street, check to the sides and rear for bicyclists before you open your vehicle door. Condition of wheel and rimmissing, bent, broken studs, clamps, lugs, or any signs of misalignment. Passing It takes longer to pass a large truck. These are getting out some police training. It becomes more apparent as speed increases.

When a truck is coming from theopposite direction, keep to theright to avoid a sideswipe crash. Motor carriers may assist shippers by keeping an ERG on each vehicle carrying hazardous materials. When crossing a highway other than within a marked crosswalk or When crossing the roadway where a pedestrian tunnel or overhead Rules of law and common sense can help both motorists and bicyclists to share the road safely.

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Students may drop an object near the bus during loading andunloading and attempt to retrieve the dropped object.

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Experienced drivers will also find valuable information in the manual such as new laws rules.

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Traffic Safety Corridors To promote traffic safety, certain portions of thehighway may designated as traffic safety corridors.


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Parts of the vehicle exposed to a corrosive liquid must be thoroughly washed with water.

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Allow the motorcyclist to complete the maneuver and assume proper lane position as quickly as possible.

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Road conditions, which are minor annoyances to vehicle drivers, pose major hazards to motorcyclists.
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