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Catholics sometimes even kiss the statue to represent their love and respect for the living Saint that statue represents in Heaven. Our idols of false worship no small, giving you so. Why are you putting me to the test?

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There were many traditions in the ancient Near East where people did indeed worship a calf or a golden calf or a bull.

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Tis the homage of the man who, losing his God, worships at the shrine of a fallen Venus.

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Some authorities go so far as to forbid Jews to bow to the Torah since this might seem to treat the Torah as an object of worship. When we live enslaved to idols, we are captive to feelings of exhaustion, overexertion, anxiety, and fear, and we disconnect. But idols in old testament world where christians?

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  • But at Dan, these high places were likely dedicated to Yahweh.
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We Christians know that God is one and that idols have no existence despite their many adherents.

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