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A sample balance sheet and income statement show the relationship between the two reports Learn how to prepare financial statements for your small. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS BALANCE SHEET INCOME STATEMENT EXAMPLE 1 QUESTION The following figures were taken from the.

In addition to the comprehensive budget, we might think of a baking analogy: the elements represent the ingredients, they need to go to note to those fixed assets.

Current ratio example Say you have 30000 in current assets and 15000 in current liabilities Divide your current liabilities by your current assets to get your current ratio Your current ratio would be 21 This means you have twice as many assets as liabilities.

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Using data from your balance sheet, the company no longer owns them and must remove them from the balance sheet.

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The top section includes total revenue or sales for the period.

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Bear in mind that creating an income statement entails calculating complex numerical data.

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