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This means that the seller of the goods will continue to charge its customers UK VAT and account for this in the relevant boxes on its UK VAT return. The issue a particularly difficult for scheme vat margin.

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Striking a copy from their business survival, you can create one annual adjustment and receipts. To close the Nominal Ledger Journals window and return to the Nominal Ledger window click Close.

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However, it remains possible to be an agent and to avoid TOMS, eg if you sell car hire or accommodation as the agent of an overseas supplier and they take the money from the traveller and then pay you your commission. If the place of supply is in another country, the wholesaler may be required to register for VAT in that country and if the other country is in the EU, HMRC may report this to the authorities in the other country.

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You have now posted the journals to move the VAT amount from the original Sales nominal code to the Sales Tax Control Account. The sales invoices have to meet all the general requirements except the company is not allowed to mention VAT on the sales invoice.


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