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Asset Management Council Certification

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Membership Services Ensuring that the correct spare parts are in the right place at the right time will enhance operational performance and reduce operating capital requirements.

TAMP and certified that our process and TAMP development methodology meet applicable regulatory requirements.

Topics in certification and dictate what is nearing expiry date of success together they make sure the council certification website in your role in. The CAMP Certificate Program allowed me to broaden my asset management knowledge and acquire new skills worth every effort. It will also asses if roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

Product Development Services Eventos We have developed an approach and tool for conducting this readiness assessment that can be quickly applied to any organisation.

CPD points meets the set requirement, you will receive an invoice and then will be able to download your current certificate online once payment is made. Traditionally KPIs focus on the outcomes of our various processes, if however we hope to manage those processes for more predictive outcomes, we need to develop a KPI framework that supports our processes.

Assetivity can assist you to establish the operating processes and procedures that provide optimum results, both in the long term, and the short term. Peter has represented the Asset Management Council in all areas of its development providing insight and leadership for its transition from a maintenance to an asset management focus. While you may have quite a lot of training and education relevant to Asset Management, it is your demonstrated capability that counts.

You will recognize and use probability distributions and analysis techniques, and be able to make better decisions during the complete product life cycle. Knowing the exam objectives is very important to get an insight into the exam. We offer learning material and practice tests created by subject matter experts to assist and help learners prepare for those exams.

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The Asset Management Council Staff will check to ensure all requirements have been met for proceeding with the application.


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Principal Analyst, Asset Sustainability, with the NSW Independent Transport Safety Regulator.

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This is supported by a very strong understanding of both the technical and financial standards and toolsets used to deliver effective asset management. The team must be able to asset management council certification scheme offers numerous and realise gains in whole page. Parse the tracking code from cookies.

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  • What is a Certified Fellow in Asset Management?
  • Certification Program
  • CPD points earned since you last applied for accreditation.
  • Corporate Membership is also available.
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Training manual using supplied diagrams and charts, designed to complement the existing corporate style.

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