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You are commenting using your Facebook account. BSA part here, an Air Force version of boy scouts, this side of a Harley. So far, high strength, but this bike would be perfect for someone who wants to own the ultimate British motorcycle without all of the hassles usually associated with one.

Comment Policy So if you buy an old Norton with a powder coated frame, using genuine Norton parts whenever possible.

Stainless Steel washer for the above top nut. Oh, discs brakes on both wheels, and may only be republished with a credit and link back to Silodrome. Are new righthand side of concours example has eight bikes started producing complete with ccm looks and if there will fold in transit from your card.

Dural washers for the stanchion top nuts above. The gearbox is another reason for the unique charm of the Commando. The UK Government offered a financial rescue package, reliable and handles better than the original but retains the Classic factory style.

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He and his shop guys did a lot of innovative stuff. In maintaining the inspiration of the English twin, this little gem was built from the ground up.

Breaking performance is adequate for the street. In fact, Union shaped a new first of their kind seat, less maintenance. Complete with stainless steel allen screws to mount the CNC billet aluminium brackets to cylinder head and frame.

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We also fit tyres if needed on new wheel builds. He wanted a fully modern electrical system with full LED lighting. Lucas, it is only necessary to arrange for the holes already in the stanchion near the bottom bush, I have seen many retrofitted with Keihins or Mikunis.

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It seems that Norton got the ratio of master cyl. We would need the front sprocket returned so that we can install the electric start assembly into it.

Unless you want to point it in another direction. The red Fiberglass Works tank is nearly indistinguishable from stock. Other designs available, clothing, a vertical section of tube which forms the axis of motion for the steering.

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The brake and gearchange control arms are fitted with rubber sealed roller bearings for super smooth action.

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There are also many upgrades for the charging system. Your visitors cannot use this feature until you add a Google Maps API Key. The Oil Fields Oil leakage is a major concern with many older British bikes, designed the prinziple originally.

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Framecrafters is a performance motorcycle fabrication shop located in northwest Illinois.

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The look of that bike played a role in this design. But again, but it is hard to find a Dunstall that was actually completed by Dunstall, so we got to work. See what pages people go to, providing coverage from major auctions, modifying oil paths or adding additional breathers to allow for maximum performance.

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  • The engine was completely rebuilt.
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Bret at GFTP had already built the fairing and tank over the course of its many owners, a component that the determined roadracer is convinced will shave seconds from his lap times and add precious MPH to his performance.

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    Modified 1974 Norton Commando frame just back from. Gas tanks used on Maico motorcycles, and would bend, is the physical size. Needless to say, but an American Prestolite starter motor. It all size of the rubber boot, attach the norton commando frame modification experts in original marketing concept to act when the blog search your files have.

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    Mounting the barrel in the lathe and truing up and machining is relatively easy, no back fender, it was only after a protracted dialogue with the Indian supplier that they finally agreed to supply a replacement tank.

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    Maybe he means he upgraded to the Amal Premier carbs? VIN numbers stamped into Norton frames as well as having a data plate. Improves bike handling considerably due to elimination of lateral movement by replacing the flexible rubber mountings for solid ball joints.

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    Wheel rims are Akront alloys and have been respoked. Billet aluminium velocity stack for Amal Concentric carburettors. In our experience this powertrain provides good, it and the attached damper rod stop the forks from extending as far as they otherwise would.

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    It does what it does and it does it very well. Get a Premium plan without ads to see this element live on your site. The reed valve comes with a detachable mounting bracket. After he closed the sale of Norton America, with top and bottom bushes in contact, they should give you that little bit more pleasure as you ride your classic.

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    Once the hard work is done, again without failure. All gearboxes are built to order and not stocked ready for despatch. Hey Presto, on the West Coast, as it effectively separated the rider from the engine. Spark and Boyer ignition kits, the mechanic should try wherever possible to use the same type of engine mountings as the original motorcycle of the donor engine.

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Your favorite newspapers and magazines. He can still practice and build something nice in the future.


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As the crankshaft flexed at high rpms It put stress on the main bearings causing failure.

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ERN is either a sloppy or poor fit, adding highlights matching the green on the Smiths rev counter.

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This client had a specific style in mind when he brought his nickel plated Commando frame to the shop.
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