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For example using the CREATE PROCEDURE statement the SAP HANA. In NetWeaver 74 you can use CASE statement in SELECT statements to do some operations below is the example of using CASE with. Again for a complete list see the SAP ABAP 74 help for more information. Mateusz Nowak SAP Integration Consultant SAP Press Author 2019-07-17. CASE statement will be ended with END CASE statement.

No logical expressions can be used for the field The field strings used in the CASE statement are treated as type C variables The statement block following a WHEN clause is executed if the content of the fields shown in the is similar to one of the fields up to.

Eliminates unused SQL passes eg a temp table is created but not. Continue Reading Get Example source ABAP code based on a different SAP table ABAP Statement a. Cases arise in sap when the output of a report contains columns extending. Converting ABAP code into AMDP scripts in SAP BW.

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Noncompliant Code Example CASE SY-INDEX Noncompliant missing WHEN OTHERS clause WHEN ONE WRITE 'One' WHEN 2 WRITE 'Two'.

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Operations and Expression Handling in HANA CDS SAP Yard. ABAPer's blood sample will surely have SY-SUBRC a system variable SAP is very strict diktat is like The variable is case-sensitive. CSV file and reopen it the number has reverted SAP ABAP Function Module. CASE ABAP Keyword SAP Brains Online.

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A and B values are depend on 'Val' My program executes the above code almost everytime when the conditional statement of Case.


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In that case there is no need to declare and supply a variable value for the IF statement evaluation.

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ABAP CDS offers case distinctions that can be used in the element list of a SELECT statement and as.

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