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Demerits Of Presidential Form Of Government

Executive branch is accountable to legislature.

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There is no strict separation of powers between the executive and legislature as it is present in the presidential form of government.

Another drawback of the Presidential government is that the people or the Parliament have no control over the daily administration and the policy. The people in federal states are given to a party controls the same structure in the fluctuating will also, there is or christians and nawaz remnants benefit of form government. The civil servants exercise real powers in the name of minister.

The head of state can be a constitutional monarch or a directly or indirectly elected president.

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President is the real Executive.
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He can be removed from his office through the process of impeachment, in case he violates the constitution.

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These seats can be said to secure that most of the votes that are wasted in the constituencies nevertheless have effect.

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For the purposes of numbering, a term is a period between two presidential elections.

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It caneven use its dissolution power strategically to renew its mandate for another five years by callinga new election before its current term ends. Nevertheless, to a lesser degree than in presidential systems, conflicting claims tolegitimacy also exist in parliamentary systems. Republic of China, and the Philippines.

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  • The legislature and the executive are together and inseparable.
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If the country is divided into several constituencies, there is at least a possibility that the election in different constituencies is won by different parties, so that more than one party will be represented in parliament.

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In later times, aristocracy was usually seen as rule by a privileged group, the aristocratic class, and contrasted with democracy.


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There are two broad models of citizen control in representativedemocratic government.

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In presidential form of government, the executive is autocratic and not answerable to the legislature.

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