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Make no mistake, I realllllly like this thing, but that has nothing to do with the price, or lack thereof. Sig Sauer Conversion Kits For Sale The SIG conversion kit allows you to change your pistol into a different size and caliber without the expense of buying another gun. Bills to repeal PLCAA and put the gun industry back on the same footing as most other potentially dangerous consumer product industries have been introduced in both houses of Congress.

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Generation models into the ultimate Glock Conversion Kit your pistol for a greater effective range faster! However, there is no exception to this broad grant of immunity if the manufacturer or dealer was demonstrably negligent or reckless in its sales and distribution practices.

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This MCK Micro Conversion Kit is a light and sturdy platform for Glock handguns, turning it into the ultimate Glock Conversion Kit.


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See our Micro Roni Non NFA Catalog below.

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