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Yes we can subpoena information from Facebook and other applications where the information is stored Or we can compel releases in order to obtain this.

Context is key here. Schoonover, sent a friend request to one of the parties, Sandra Chace. Logs are readily discoverable and can be obtained by subpoena. Here's How Social Media Can Be Used Against You In Court. Today almost anyone can go online through a computer, tablet or handheld device.

How low can it go? The California Supreme Court in a dispute involving Facebook Inc. In September a judge unsealed many records which showed that. Attempted Murder Defendant's Request For Facebook Subpoena. She said facebook records is likely cease after the subpoena directing the site! The trial court nevertheless held Facebook in civil contempt for its failure.

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In facebook records for? A search warrant or subpoena to obtain a phone as well as phone records. What does it take for law enforcement to get a Facebook. Often the subpoenas ask that the company holding the records not disclose to the target or the user.

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Facebook, ask the Facebook Help Center community, start a relevant discussion on an official Facebook page post, and ask other Facebook users on various platforms, you are likely to get the support that you require.

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The case stems from a bid to subpoena Facebook records by Lance Touchstone who was charged with shooting and attempting to murder his.


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