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We are a team made up of the best employment lawyers, HR specialists, payroll officers, and financial analysts in the country. Sick leave and carer's leave personal leave long service leave paid parental leave partner leave surrogacy and adoption leave and an extended period of.

Information about employees on roll of voters not to be disclosed. Provided that where such form of payment is impractical or where some exceptional circumstances exist, payment may be made by cheque. Where overtime is necessary it will, wherever reasonably practicable, be arranged so that the employee will have at least consecutive hours off work between shifts. What happens if an employee has a break from or leaves the Construction Industry? An extended period of leave allows workers the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate which may help them to remain in the workforce longer.

Whether there are reasonable grounds to refuse conversion will depend entirely on the circumstances in each particular case. An employee has the right to apply tor a classification review oftheir position, irrespective of any recommendation of support by the Head.

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We collect a range of data about you, including your contact details, legal issues and data on how you use our website. Specific task or project: a definable work activity which has a starting time and which is expected to be completed within an anticipated timeframe.


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He believed that to do so he would have to work under a fully licensed plumber for a time. Public sector employers please contact your Public Sector Labour Relations adviser.

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You cannot direct employees to take annual leave or long service leave. Employees in the construction industry have access to a portable long service leave Scheme funded by a compulsory levy on employers. An employee gets long service leave after a long period of working for the same employer. The Professional Development Allowance is payable during periods of paid leave but is not counted as salary for any other purpose of this Agreement.

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  • An Intern shall be employed on a full time basis.
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  • Entitlement to be absent from employment on public holiday.
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Implicit in the concept of payment for pro rata LSL is the idea that employees whose employment ends on certain grounds prior to reaching the qualifying period for taking leave should be able to access some payment for their accrued service. If you are unsure about how this information applies to your specific situation we recommend you contact Employment Innovations for advice.

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St Johnto deduct and retain monies equal to the value of the number of hours outstanding from any final monies owed to the employee. Many employees have access to an unfair dismissal regime, and to other remedies where their employer acts to the detriment of the employee.


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Act, may with such adaptations as are necessary, be used for the purposes of this Act. The shift loading is not payable on public holidays, overtime, Saturdays or Sundays.

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FWC must take into account the rate of the national minimum wage that it proposes to set in the review. For example, in some industries, managerial employees have traditionally not been covered by awards.