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Indoor Bonsai Care Instructions

Cedar trees make attractive bonsai specimens.


We read some comments about how to look after it and in one of this comments someone said about make some holes on the ground to help the roots breathe.

The rule of thumb is to water as soon as the soil appears dry. Fall is the time to transplant, divide and give away perennials that you have in abundance. We have soil amendments that we believe will. Outdoor bonsai do shed their leaves during winter months but you did say you have an indoor bonsai.

Soil structure is the arrangement of particles in the soil. Look online and in local nurseries and plant shops for a bonsai tree to bring home with you. Clip excess growth to keep the shape of the plant. Some trees develop a bald or barkless area on their trunks because of harsh weather conditions. Be sure the water level does not cover the bottom of the bonsai pot.

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Obviously this depends on the tree, but generally every two or three years when the roots have filled the pot.

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It needs a low planter to present the trunks and limbs in a variety of positions: straight, curved or slanted position.

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The ideal soil mixture should also be able to hold water which can be improved by adding clay.

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Harassment on nearly inactive state of care instructions. The gardenia plant is indigenous to the tropics, so it requires moist soil and high humidity. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Stones and rocks, shells, and tiny plants can be used to make the tree look as though it is part of a forest or beach scene.

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  • Contact a local bonsai club for more advice.
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With out seeing the bonsai this is very difficult to advise. This is my third time working on this tree and it has grown well in his care. This ficus species is also known as the Narrow Leaf or Willow Leaf fig.

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Like normal trees it will follow the cycles of the seasons and grow actively during the spring and rest during the winter months.


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If your tree is flowering and fruiting it will need extra watering to support those flowers and fruits.

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To maintain the artistic grace and beauty of your bonsai it will need to be pruned regularly.

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They need to be provided the right amount of light and humidity, or they will not survive.