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How can you prevent chargebacks?
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Cardholders who are facing potential theft of their card or personal information through true fraud need support, and both the law and financial institutions have made changes so that they can get their money back effectively and efficiently.

Merchants can also establish a variety of parameters around friendly fraud customers such as limiting the total dollar value of an order. Completing the Surveys is voluntary, and you are under no obligation to provide Survey Information to TS or a third party, but you may receive incentives from TS or a third party in exchange for providing such information.

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Win more disputes and achieve higher ROI with customized fight rules, optimized responses, and economic filters.

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The outstanding amount may include any fees incurred due to the actions of the payer.

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  • You sent the merchandise, but it was damaged during shipment.
  • How Will I Receive a Chargeback?
  • What is the chargeback ratio?

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This feedback may help the merchant and acquirer diagnose errors and improve customer satisfaction.
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