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The placement of the light reflecting off the column in the front suggests that the columns are tapered cylinders, as we might expect. It has more solids, a spiral inside to a platform, but no one can actually go up, there is a discontinuous stair.

He displays the wounds on his hands and feet and side, reminding us that he is the Resurrected Christ and also of his suffering and at what cost this eternal life was won for us. Night serve god of a larger saints, creates the condemned and elicit prayerful devotion. It was the antithesis of everything I thought I knew about him.

In fact, were he not so clearly standing in a boat with oar in hand, it would be difficult to say that this is Charon at all. Ready to win more clients and streamline your business?

The smaller figures beneath represent the righteous and the faithful, which includes the children, seen playing with an angel. Come you, blessed by my father, here, and you, the cursed, go into the everlasting fire. Condivi, The Life of Michelangelo, trans. Bosch has added an inscription from Ps.

Vasari in his biography of Michelangelo discusses the differences between his fellow Tuscan countryman and that of his nearest rival, Titian of Venice who emphasized color over form. Various attempts have been made to relate these fantasies to the realities of his own day. Judge is even more striking when seen from his profile.

They are intentionally at eye level so that every man who enters the temple can look at and be reminded of the constant and equal struggle of these characteristics in everyone. Directly behind Christ, within the mandorla, there seems to be an architectural element possibly representing the kingdom of Heaven. The fresco is more monochromatic than the ceiling frescoes and is dominated by the tones of flesh and sky.

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The juxtaposition of the historical and the contemporary were designed to draw the viewer in and elicit prayerful devotion.


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This was a bold decision, since the Church had an ambivalent attitude towards pavement art.

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The organization of the composition is designed so that all of the other figures relate in some way to the central figure of Jesus.


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The repainted version shows Blaise looking away from Saint Catherine, upward towards Christ.

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Four angels surround Christ and they appear to be holding the mandorla, as though it bears weight.

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There is also a subversive element in its implied advocacy of a heliocentric view of the universe.
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