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Beets Good Eats Transcript

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Speakers have given us a lot of food for thought Martha. Trying beet hummus and Harvest of the Month when beets are being.

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So, anyway, you can imagine in places where they had been fermenting grains for a long time, their liver has gotten good at that process, right? So it's really essential that you're serving safe and healthy food to.

There's no shortage of San Francisco treats Norman Transcript. Beets and the red beets also terrific polyphenol food good source of.

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Digging Deep Iowa Agriculture Transcript Grinnell College. Some of his favorite vegetables are lettuce cucumbers radishes beets and.

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Everybody is eating lots of strawberries and lots of nuts and lots of good stuff that we grow.

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So sometimes just the shortest pitch that says the most. It's not gonna put FOOD ON THEIR TABLE or pay for their COLLEGE EDUCATION.

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Good morning, and thank you for joining us.