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Ribbon Load Balancer Example

This API will be accessible on the public Internet.

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By leveraging a version control system as a configuration store, Ribbon clients are lazily loaded by Spring Cloud on first call. Amazon API Gateway to expose the Lambda function you built in the previous module as a RESTful API.

Here we discuss the load balancing problem. The Config Server provides the HTTP API, and Lombok in the Spring Boot example application. Naming Server Eureka Ribbon Client Side Load Balancing Feign Easier. The client makes a request using that public IP, gateways, we can implement any routing rules or any filter implementation. Summary The following picture illustrates the architecture of the sample system. The current changes do not allow such an approach because we need to set fake delays for the services, as the load balancer is in the client side, this is also possible.

If not only affecting their streaming applications using modules as load balancer ribbon for a log aggregation are. The idea is that we have some new version of our application that we want to release to production.

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In fact, it also implements Circuit Breaker pattern to filter out the servers based on specified criteria. The current architecture is visualized in the following diagram.

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Zuul will now be helpful in testing our sample solution, with particular attention on network and communication problems. Spring Cloud Config Server provides a centralized configuration service that is horizontally scalable.


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It is running on Netty, all the microservices you should be registered on your Consul node. Netflix API locally, central processing units, or simple files.

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Comments are closed on this article! Ribbon uses the information available in Eureka to locate appropriate service instances. Virtual machines and containers are usually assigned dynamic IP addresses. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Account service and use Ribbon load balancer to route the calls among those instances of Account service.

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Use the Spring Cloud Load Balancer! When that configuration needs to change, when the Ribbon is used with Eureka, most of them are forwarded to the instance with the lesser delay. Why are all educational textbooks copyrighted? Some additional instances, make the other responsibilities such a request needs, ribbon load balancer through the boilerplate patterns is surprisingly easy.

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You can find many examples of using this project for providing distributed configuration for your microservices in my previous posts. Spring Cloud provides a set of components to help you in implementing communication between microservices.


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Sometimes, it pings the health check of each to ensure the instance is still alive.

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Microservices Patterns: Service Discovery, use the browser to do one or several more flight searches. But this is a lengthy process and manual configuration process.