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This course covers the basics of teaching remotely, structuring content online using various methods and tools, and how to run effective video conferences. If the URL addresses an existing resource, the request parameters just provide values for the properties to be set on the existing resource.

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Each article needs to be triaged, categorized, have the references checked, and the author credentials verified.

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Doing this provides two main benefits: First, requestors may already have sources in mind that they would not otherwise have thought to share; and second, it reminds the requestor that the writing process involves research too, which makes for better content.

When a consumer is unable to set up an online account using the remote identity proofing questions, certified assisters may help consumers manually set up an account using the Account Request Form.

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Sometimes, though, you want to have more control on how the parameter values are actually stored in the properties.

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    Time to make a brand difference through content and earn more organic authority and trust?

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Successful content creators will decide exactly what their finished project will look like before they even start writing or creating.


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Use this form to submit a request about exemption from sales tax collected for Squarespace payments.

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