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The dealer said I have to pay for a brake diagnostic before they can determine the issue, but if it is a issue under warranty, the diagnostic fee will be waived. If the hose is not at fault, suspect an engine mechanical problem such as leaky valves, worn rings, an intake manifold vacuum leak, improper cam timing, etc. Power Brake Booster test to determine if the Booster is beginning to fail. What does a test at less than half operating pressure supposed to measure?

If you think that a redditor is abusing any rules that are not listed on the rules widget of this subreddit, please let us know by sending the mods a message. The trusted mechanic as this reason for uk based independent saab people will find results that hissing brake when pedal released it and usually wear down to. Next I would connect the brake system and recheck my vacuum readings. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. How big does a planet have to be to appear flat for human sized observer? You mean you put the left on the right and the right on the left?

When this happens, it will push against the caliper and either flex it significantly or if the caliper is of a floating kind, cause it to slide on the pins. Since I can hear the pressure bleeding off, and after a suggestion from a buddy, I changed the valve above the brake booster and I still have the bleed off. Mine whistled for a while from that location when I hit the brakes. Their point about a newer car being different is absolute bullshit. Replacing hoses is usually pretty easy and inexpensive, with two caveats. Please get back to us and tell what was done to rectify the situation. Ford Escape: Which One Should I Buy?

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Discover three engine components that need maintenance before they rob your car of horsepower.

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